Trying to Understand Women?

When we are kids, it seems like gender differences are nonexistent, wouldn't you agree? When I was younger, I had an equal amount of male and female friends. I had a couple of girlfriends here and there. I had no problem being around women or talking to them. When I got to high school, everything changed, and I found myself with a lot less female friends.

I am now 23 years old. I have finished college, have my own place and a great career. Yet, despite all my successes in life, I feel like a failure with women. It seems like whenever I talk to a woman, they are never interested.

Over the past 2 month, I have dedicated portions of my time to study women. Just trying to understand them:

-I have gone to bars/clubs and just merely observed. I always see men trying to attract women, but many of them never seem interested at all. During my time at these venues, I have only seen a handful of men actually pull of getting a girl interested enough to at least get their number.

-I have gone to the gym to work out and also observe. At the gym one day, I noticed this cute girl working out and she was also eyeing/watching this muscular guy. She actually went up to him and asked him to help her. When I went back to the gym the next day, they were hanging out together.

-The place I work at has over 1000 employees. There is this one guy that is really cool and down to earth, and he talks to just about every beautiful girl that comes to my job. Thing is, they never really seem that interested in him and he always has to say hi to them in order to get them to acknowledge his presence.

-I have also tried dressing nicer and talking to women. I have piqued a few women's interest... but a majority seem uninterested.

-I have also watched Vitaly and other pranksters with their rich/nice car prank and watched them get women just like that.

Women: Honestly, what interests you about a guy? Why do so many women these days seem uninterested in men around them?


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  • Just because someone's interested in us doesn't mean we have to be interested in them. The girl could already be in a relationship or not be interested in dating right now. The girl could also just not be in the mood for it at the time. When I'm at the gym I'm focused on my workout and that's it. When I'm at work I'm mostly focused on getting my work done. When I'm at school I'm focused on class and studying. I don't want to be bothered in those situations. Also, some guys just come off as weird and we don't want to be around them.

    • Lol And that's another thing I hear to. I'm too busy.

      -Don't want to be bothered at the bookstore.

      -Don't want to be bothered at clubs/bars because you are with friends.

      -Don't want to be bothered in line because you are trying to order (I have heard a girl say that online before when she was talking about places to not talk to her).

      So... there is virtually no good time to talk to a woman.

    • Some people really are just busy. I know when I'm focused on something, anything that tries to distract that focus is going to get pushed to the side.

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