Date his best-friend, good or bad news?

I've been seeing this guy, and things got pretty serious between us. Recently, his bestfriend confessed he's into me and I can't lie.. I love the first guy, but I have feelings for both.

The first one is super genuine, selfless, and has always treated me with the most outright respect. Our connection is unreal and he always cleans, cooks and would do anything for me. He says he loves me but he doesn't really make the effort to show me that he cares when it comes to making plans. He doesn't have a car or a real job.. so it's hard for him to take me out.. but even after I still offer to drive and make plans like the lake, picnic or whatever, he doesn't fall through.. I've told my guy that his friend has come onto me but i'm done with him and only want him. He forgave me and I stopped seeing his friend.

His best friend and I have great connection, we get along really well and can talk about anything for hours. He's outgoing and he really makes the effort to show me he could be a great boyfriend. I'm talking- dates, cooks for me, and tries to make plans with me.

But now I got fed up with him blowing me off so I told the first guy that it's best we don't talk for a bit to see if he will finally put in the effort, reach out and show me he loves me, instead of just saying it.. but instead, his best friend has taken initiative and tried to take me from him again..

I miss the my guy so much, do I go back with and tell him I need to see he loves me or wait for him to come to me?
Or quit trying and go with his best friend?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're stuck honestly. Had you started up things with the friend first, it would be obvious. You were wrong to let things progress with the second guy. Mostly because it was the friend of guy 1. And if you date him now, it's messed up because you date his friend immediately after dumping him. And you KNOW it's going to bother him.
    Either patch things up with the first guy and tell him what it is you need in a relationship (you should have told him before breaking up), or leave them both alone.


What Girls Said 1

  • Bad news and if you'd really like honest truth: it makes you look like one big, selfish, self-absorbed whore.
    Any decent woman who knows a thing or two about courtesy wouldn't embrace such a mess and potentially destroy a friendship for her own selfish desires. You've been two-timing them both and now you want to dispose of one so you can build something with his friend. -_- If you can't realize the tactlessness in that , then you need to stay away from men and go fix your moral compass.

    I think you need to stay away from them both because you sound like trouble.

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