Similar to girlfriends ex?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 9 months now and everything is great. But the other day one of my girlfriends friends said that I am very similar and have the same mannerisms as her ex. I don't know her friend very well so I sort of ignored it, but I decided to ask a friend of mine who is also her ex's friend and she confirmed it.
We both (her ex and I) study physics but I'm a semester ahead of him so I don't know him very well. What worries me is that he is more attractive then me. I mean, if the interiors are the same, then you would always choose the car with the better looking exterior, right?
He left her for another girl, who he broke up with about a month ago. I love her and I'm just worried I'm going to lose her. Do I just leave it alone, or what do I do?


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  • I'd never be cool with that if I were in your position. NEVER. It would make me feel like she selected me because I remind her of apart of her past she can no longer have. That would make me feel real cheap.

    I'd walk away from that situation if I were you. Brings the possibility that while you're building memories with her, she's trying to relive her past relationship through you.


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  • Perhaps she picked you because you reminded her of her ex, but changed her mind later on. Maybe you were a rebound but turns out she likes you a lot.
    I was kind of a reminder of my current ex's ex girlfriend who he dated for a year but then he dumped her. then he broke up with me within 3 months of dating because I wasn't his ex.
    I think that maybe you two are similar and her type. Maybe you should talk to her about it first. if you two have been dating for 9 months, then things seem fine and happening to suddenly realize this random fun fact shouldn't change anything.

  • You won't lose her. You can just share her with your doppelganger on opposite clock positions. You can have her during the day during work time and he can have her at night during dinner and sleep time. See? It all works out.


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