Did I accidentally hurt this guy?

I hooked up with someone last March. We left school for the summer but kept in touch over the summer to sext. He, later in the summer, started to say he liked talking to me, thought I was attractive and cool, and that he might want to take me on a date. I always said I wasn't much of a dater, I didn't like it, and that I was "one of those never dates chicks". Over August he disappeared a little bit; we talked sometimes, but mostly did sexy snapchats. When we went back to school we hooked up again. He was into eye contact and gentle kisses and cuddling; he also likes when a girl spends the night, but I didn't either time. Today we saw each other on the bus but didn't say hi (kind of far away on a packed bus). After we texted and I asked if he was still interested - I mentioned I always backtalked about dating because it makes me nervous and I don't want to get hurt. He started using short responses and "idk" as replies. Basically he said he wasn't down to date because he also isn't good about getting hurt. I told him I was never going to have hurt him. I'm not sure if we're still doing the causal hookup thing or nothing at all. He hasn't responded to me in several hours. Not sure what happened. What should I do?

  • You hurt him, leave him alone
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  • He's trying to be strong and avoidant
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  • He feels you aren 't interested. I doubt he's particularly hurt about it. He' likely investing his time.. elsewhere!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why turn down a guy, if you like each other, women need to stop acting like they all have borderline, if you meet a nice guy you are all scared... i won't blame him, if he had it with you. he tried his best and you pretty much only cared about your feelings, and not his. your not worthy of his time

  • maybe he got the wrong image of you before.. and when he asked to take you on a date, and you telling him your not much of a dating girl, changed the image a bit. still, i wouldn't leave him alone like that. just try again some time later ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • yes he is upset and hurt. He wants to be more than friends definitely, just trying to show he's strong. If you are not interested in dating, stay away from him because he sounds like the emotional type.

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