HELP! I think I am falling for this girl but I don't want to?

So I met this girl on a website, not even a dating website more of a social media website. We started talking about a month ago and just random chit chat. She really started to open up because she trusted me that I wasn't a creep, so she told me her real age and where she lives. She purposely lied for obvious reasons, which I would too if I was a woman and I don't hold that against her.
So this weekend was great we really connected over it. Starting Friday night until now when she had to go to bed. It just happened I don't know how it just did lol. Turns out she is 17 gonna be 18 very soon. I am 23. I don't mind the age difference at all, but she is still in high school and I just don't know about high school girls as being in a serious relationship. We both want to meet and she only lives 51/2 hours away from me. I do not want to date her now. I want to meet her first and see what happens.
The problem is I am starting to fall for her and I think she is falling for me. She texted me today that every time she gets a message from me she smiles and she said she wanted to cuddle with me. She likes teasing me and I like teasing her. She keeps sending me kissing emojis. I miss her when we are not talking and so does she. This is all too new for me so if anyone with experience with online dating I would be very grateful to them to comment their opinion.
My other problem is, I am a single guy, I have been talking with another girl who is in my city, we haven't met yet but we both want to soon. I met her around the same time as the other one.
Both girls have their head on straight and are really nice, and I am both attracted to their personality than their looks! I have never been in this situation.
Do I need to tell her I am talking to another girl? I feel like I should. I don't want her to wait for me either if she meets another guy. Can you really know a person until you meet them or is texting fine? In short, what the hell do I do?

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  • you should tell her, be honest.. you said you don't want to date her now so do not string her along. do not give her false hope.

    • I just don't want to date her without meeting her and hanging out with her first and see if we have a physical connection.

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    • thank you for MH! ^-^

    • You're welcome! I never told her about the other girl, she hasn't talked to me in awhile, I gave up. So I meeting her in a couple of weeks :)

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