Is this a red flag of him being a clinger or what?

So I met this guy about 2 1/2 y ears ago, I dated a fella he knew. Well we never talked much or seen each other, but after my break up about 3 months, we start texting. We talked, and he called a few times. Well we mentioned going out but never got around to it til months later, had lunch and we talked a little after, but he disappeared after that for a week or so. I was okay with that, I wasn't looking for a relationship. We start talking more again and well we finally, about a month or so later go out again, we slept together and bam I dk what happened. He told me after I left he didn't wanna seem clingy and all but he kinda missed me already. And yeah I thought it was sweet at first bc he made me feel special, But we seen each other again and he asked if I was going to keep him around for a while? I told him yeah I might for now and giggled. But then he mentioned wanting to take a Vaca during the winter to the mountains and said he wanted to take me.. said it was okay if that's why I kept him around was so I could go. It was kind of sweet at first but I feel pressured now like I dk. I do like him, he's so sweet and very attractive, but I'm feeling claustrophobic, i don't want anything serious.. I just want casual enjoyment. Have fun and stuff. he did say id get tired of him bc he gets like a little puppy dog and you have to kick him off sometimes?

But we talk in the once in morning and once at night, and maybe a text a little bit during the day, but not a lot bc we stay busy with work, and our seeing each other has been 1 last sat, and 1 this past sat.


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  • This guy must be just a rebound The only time women want guys to be clingy is when they are the ultimate (makes top notch money, has top notch looks) catch.

    • He's not a rebound. I'm just not a very needy woman and the thought if it has me running for the hills. I was just curious if maybe it was just me knit picking or if he seems clingy. And he has money and great looks but that doesn't matter, I can't keep a man for stuff like that if he's clingy, insecure, controlling ect.

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