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So I've liked this guy for about ten years on and off. We've spoke to each other onceor twice before but that was a long time ago. One time i confessed to one of his close/best friend but was rejected. I want to talk to the guy but I don't know if i should, considering i was rejected by his friend before and i dont know if they talked to each other about this. But the guy and me look at each other a lot and he smiles each time he sees me. He even notices me before i even see him.

i know his cousin and i was wondering if its a good idea to ask for the dudes number and text him with a different number anonymously. Is that a stupid idea? Like say hi. And say im the girl at church or something. Stupid or what?


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  • I think you should give his cousin your number to give to this guy. If he wants to connect with you, he will. Otherwise he 1) doesn't like you like that. 2) is afraid and/or thinks it will be awkward 3) is more interested in someone else.
    It's very likely his friend told him about your confession. Maybe he wasn't into you before and he is now. Who knows? Just go for it. Fear is your ally, face your fears head on and you will be emboldened.


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  • Just talk to him and get his number. Even if he knows about you two, if he likes you it won't matter. It's not an off limits situation since you're not the ex gf.

  • very stupid indeed


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