About to ask my first girl out tomorrow and need advice?

Okay folks, time to make a long story short since I know yous don't like reading through chronicles

I'm a sophomore male in High school after a sophomore girl who goes to my school. She told me the other day that she just moved from NJ to our state recently and doesn't know too many people (I found the fact she was from NJ nice since my family's from NY xD). We see each other everyday for about 15 minutes. Every time we talk, she often times smiles, engages in conversation with me, and we have a few laughs. Heck, from what I can tell; she's Spanish and so Am I, haha.

Anyway, I'm interested in asking her out tomorrow, but need some advice. Should I ask her out directly followed by a compliment on her looks & personality? Or should I just wait and keep flirting until I find the right moment to ask her out. I was told to wait by one of my friends because he said most girls would think I'm a "creeper" but I've also heard how some would argue otherwise. I think we have a lot of chemistry together and would really have a good relationship.

Really hope to hear some great advice soon.


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  • Wait get a hold, do you really believe she likes any other indication then these? do you know her relationship status? Don't ask outright and even if you do that create an environment and please don't do the first thing, your friend is right.


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