Do guys care if a girl has a chronic illness?

I'm a 15 year old girl. I've been diagnosed with SLE when I was 11. It's an auto immune disease. I look normal on the outside with no signs of me having the disease. I've been told by many guys that I'm attractive. I've also been asked out a lot but, it always ends up with me saying no.
I'm afraid that if they find out about it they will get scared and runs off. Its not even contagious but, I feel as though I can't have a proper relationship without it interfering with my life. I'm only 15 right now and I'm not that interested about having a boyfriend. I'm just worried about the future. I keep asking questions like what if I like a guy and he can't take it?
It's hard...


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  • Do not let your illness define you. Do not let it stop you from pursuing things you want to pursue. Some guys may have an issue, but a lot will not. It is the same as anything - look at how many girls on here are talking about being afraid guys won't like them because they are short, or because they have 'curves', or because their breasts are small, or because they are shy. In all of those cases, the answer is the same as it is for you: some guys will have a problem, some will not. Don't worry about the ones that do.

    If a guy cares, he can take it.

    My friend's neighbour has it. She is an awesome women. In her 40s now, I think. Great husband, great kids.

    It is a part of what makes you you, but it does not define you any more than your eye colour or the curliness of your hair. It is hard, and it will be hard. But you can deal with it.


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  • It's hard he have a chronic illness like SLE.

    Young guys you age, usually don't care because they can really foresee the consequences. Someone my age would think twice, because we know how impairing it can be in a relationship. So we so care, but for some it matter only a little bit for other a great deal.

    PS: I will advised against using hormonal based contraception, using condoms is by far the best option.

  • if u like a guy and he can't take it? he doesn't worth you and that will save a lot of time for you, always know peole love personality not bodies, faces or money they can be attractive for a while only, but personality sails the deal

  • If he is the right guy he will not care but u will never know till u try


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