I have a date today with a classmate who I see only as a friend so I want to cancel it? helppp?

so a few days ago my classmate who i know for 2 years suddenly asked me out. i didn't saw it coming! so i said yes without really thinking about it. i was really shocked. and until today i thought well why won't i give him a chance right? but the thing is, all the guys i ever dated i never really had a crush on or felt romantically feelings for, but i still went on dates on the thought that maybe if i get to know them better this feelings would show. but they didn't. and i don't want to date someone that's in my class so ill have to see him everyday. i already made that mistake with my really good friend :(
also i'll just make him feel bad later when i have to tell him face to face that i see him only as a friend, so why not cut it here? i think i should call it of. if you think that too, what should i tell him? should i text him? thanks :)


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  • It's like pulling off a band-aid. Doing it fast, and early, will be way better for the guy to deal with than sitting there hoping things will go well. He will be excited and stressed and nervous in the lead up, so ending it early will help alleviate a lot of anxiety.

    Be honest, and be firm in your decision.

    • thank you i already told him how i felt. he seemed really okay and understanding about it...

    • Good :)
      Honesty and being direct always are the best in the long run, though they may be more difficult up front. Glad you made the right decision :)

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