How do I tell him my age?

There's this guy I've been talking to online for a few months & his really nice, blah blah. The thing is I feel a bit bad that I've lied to him about my age...I've only just turned 17 & he thinks I'm about to turn 19. There is a really big age gap already & though I've thought about the worst that can happen: he stops emailing (I'll be pretty bummed, but not overly upset), I still don't know how to tell him.

I also have the same issue with guys in clubs, as I'm underage & so I have to tell them I'm 18.


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  • Lying to guys that could get in serious trouble for spending time with you (if it progresses to sex) is a big no no.

    Consider your options by telling a guy your true age:

    1. He wanted to have sex with you, had no real plan for anything beyond that, so he decides not to talk to you or pursue you any further. Who needed that guy to being with. Good riddance.

    2. He thinks you are great, recognizes it is not that long before you are 18, so he doesn't mind taking the time to get to know you and keep it cool until you are considered an adult. Wow, you found a gem, the guy you should want to get to know.

    Time flies, before you know it you will be 18 and you won't have to worry about being underage. However, the guy you are already talking to, well it is online. If he is ready to meet you, you have no choice but to tell him you were really interested in him and you made a bad decision in lying about your age. For his sake, you need to be honest and deal with the consequences. He will probably be really unhappy and freaked out about it considering the amount of trouble a guy can get in to for seeing a minor, just be prepared.

    In the future, no matter how tempted we are in lying about ourselves online it is a bad habit you should not get in to. Whether you lie about your age, your weight, your job, background, life situation, etc., in the end you will have to disclose the truth and when you do you will not only reveal something you think the other person wouldn't like, but you will also reveal that you are not trustworthy. Better to be honest and find the guy who digs who you are.


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  • I'll just say this, lying is never good and almost always has consequences. Tell him the truth.


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  • If your going to be dating him and actually see him in person, then you need to tell him your real age. Simple.

    do not complicate things.

    • I know, but the thing Is I'm not sure how, because his hinted that he really likes me.

    • Tell him you really like him and would like to get to know him better. Then tell him you are actually 17 years old. Tell him the reason you lied, and also apologize for lying and see what he says. If he really likes you they way he says he does, then he should still want to continue getting to know you better, if not, then he's just another douche bag off the internet.

      P.s. Always tell the truth, whether your single, married, dating or just talking 2 somebody. Trust me, it saves so many worries

  • i would just say look I really like you and didn't want to be judged but I have something to tell you and tell him the truth and if he feels the same way about you he will be ok with it