Girls, any romantic suggestions for a dinner date?

I have a date soon and I'm cooking dinner for a girl. What would you find to be a romantic gesture or feature for a dinner date? You know, candles etc.. please advise :-)


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  • Candles ofcourse... always LOL
    First make sure the meal isn't something that makes people look goofy when they eat it... you know.. like ribs LOL... or too noisy for that matter.
    Soft background music is always nice. Make sure you use a tablecloth, it really sets the tone (preferably white) but any solid color will do
    make sure everything matches (don't use mix matched utensils or plates ect...)... girls notice these things and the more effort you put in your table setting, the more special she will feel. Depending on budget ofcourse, you can get her roses... put them in a vase and use them as part of your table setting, but save the nicest one to greet her at the door with... any stray petals? spread them around on the table. First stop: Dollarstore:
    Get 2 sizes of the same style Wine glasses, a big and a small... use the big one for water and the other for wine or ginger ale (if you don't drink) A woven little basket for bread (line with napkins) pre-cut your squares of butter and layer them in a saucer. you can alternate reg butter and garlic butter slices. If you make a salad, add the salad dressing to it before serving it... don't put salad dressing bottles on the table PLEASE lol. Make sure you have all the necessary plates for each part of the meal... salad plates, soup bowls, ect.. depending on what you serve. Don't forget to pull out her chair when it's time to sit. Pasta is always a good choice for a meal... avoid a big steak dinner or smelly fish or anything you have to rush to prepare at the last possible minute. Hope this helps.

  • A picnic type dinner would be romantic watching the sunset and then after dinner you could star gaze a bit.


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