Do guys tend to text girls they like less when they are in their mid to late 20's?

My friend and I are noticing as we date older guys the less they text... are they less interested or is it just something that tapers off with age?


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  • Older guys will often have a lot more on their mind, will often have a life that is more varied, more rich in experiences, and generally will not need to have the constant reassurance that 'everything is ok'. They can be perfectly fine going a long time without communication because they know nothing is 'going wrong', and that nothing has happened in the last hour that is so important it can't wait until later to talk about.

    I wouldn't read it as them being less interested. I would read it as them being less insecure.

    • Thanks this makes so much sense to me :) how long can you go if you think everything is ok?

    • That would depend a bit on the nature of the relationship and what the 'usual' text patterns are, but I can easily go a couple of days without even noticing. My life is pretty busy though. By day 3 I would probably have a big "oh shit, I should say something..." moment, but really a lot of little stuff I just sit on and wait until we are together to talk about it. Gives us more to discuss over dinner and drinks and the like, or while walking the seawall.

      I find too much communication throughout the day leaves nothing relevant to talk about in those moments that are designed for talking.

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  • It's more of an age thing. When you get older I think you might text less or even old guys aren't used to using text as it wasn't a main form of communication as it is now.

    • Thanks that's really good to know cause my friends seem to think it is a problem like they are suddenly less attracted to us, but I feel it is a movement away from the clingy and immature stage of I need to text you every second I can...

  • I hate texting my wife. I'd rather she called so we could get what needed to be said over and done with. We used to text all the time for about a month when we met, but I don't want to go back there. Texting is something teens do to keep from getting their feelings hurt all at once. They can test things out before going further.

    Girl "hey want to go out tonight"
    Guy "nah"
    Girl ";) ha ha i was kidding" blah blah blah on to the next subject.

    In real life or the phone you can't do a 180 like that without sounding crazy.

    • Thanks this makes so much sense to me :) how long can you go if you think everything is ok?

    • Sorry that comment was for the wrong person lol... Here is your real one:

      Thanks for your opinion :) you are so right I feel like a lot of younger people hide behind their text messages! To be honest I'm not a fan but everytime I talk to my friends they are like when have you last talked to him? Two days? Omg the horror!!

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