Why am I always the right guy, wrong time?

So it has become apparent to me (through being told many times) that I am always the right guy but at the wrong time. I am so tired of hearing this. Tired of giving into a relationship only to be let go of because it's the wrong time for them. Why do people believe that there ever is going to be a right time because there isn't. Nobody is perfect, nobody is ever going to have it all figured out, and life will never stop changing you. So when you find the right person shouldn't you hold on to them and never let them go? Apparently I am doing something wrong since this keeps happening to me which is why I'm asking what do I need to do to find the girl that's going to say I'm the right guy at the right time?


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  • I don't think your the problem i think girls that are saying that to you don't wanna hurt you because at the moment there stuck on another guy or dealing with a ex or someone they still like or have more feeelings for in a way there doing the right thing by not wasting your time or hurting you i think there are still tons of girls out there that you should be open to and be open to the girls that like you for you because the more anyone goes on looks the more they just end up back to square one single with high standards that will never be filled you want a good girl in your life you need to be open to the girls who actually accept you for you weather its friend or someone u meet get to know the person enough to know more about them then assume or judge people miss out on good people that way


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