Do you have high dating turnover or feel like you're a one date wonder?

I have gone on lots of dates with many different women, but the thing is a lot of times it's only lasted 2-3 dates tops and there's been a lot I've just had one with. None of them have ever led to relationships.

I feel like I can get a girl initially attracted and some have led to hookups, kissing etc, but somewhere out of nowhere they lose interest and honestly it scares me. It makes me think I'll never understand how a relationship works or will never get married in my life. It's like I'll hit off with someone on the date and they'll say text me, let's meet up again, do this together later on and then it ends.

I'm not trying to sound like one of those guys that says why don't girls like me because I'm nice because I really hate that shit. The thing is I don't know if I'm doing too much or too little to cause girls to lose interest. I felt like if I asked what I did wrong would be a double edged sword. It's like if I do ask, I'll come off as very insecure and non-confident but if I don't, I'll make the same mistake.

Honestly, lack of confidence isn't the issue. And while I try to take responsibility for my actions and not blame women. I wanna do better, but I don't know what my issue is and it's frustrating.

Anyone else ever had this issue?


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  • We all have streaks like that, man. I find it's because you're trying too hard and you start getting into a self-fulfilling prophesy---girl will not talk to me after first or second date---i'm overly clingy and interested in making sure that doesn't happen---it happens because i was trying to hard to not allow it to happen and so on.

    Eventually the streak breaks and you regain your confidence.

    • I don't even know if it's trying too hard. I'm not trying to rush into a relationship even, just play it by ear and still get the same results. I mean it's not like I feel a connection to every single girl I date.

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    • I asked a guy once about that now that I remember he told me flake on them before they flake on you and then they are so desperate to see you haha.

    • Lol I'll try that. It sucks that you have to play games like that at this point but if you can't beat them join them.

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  • Don't lose hope. Just keep trying.

    I am one of these women. I know pretty sure after 1-2 dates, 3 at the most, if we're compatible or not. Physical attraction isn't everything. You need to have matching characters and views in life too for a successful relationship.

    • I know physical attraction isn't everything. I thought it was when I was younger which was stupid of me but I'm very picky now. I only tend to go for women I share a lot in common with. The worst thing is I've had dates with girls that I share a ton in common with, whether it's music, movies taste, political views, outlooks on life, etc and I'll still get told that there's no chemistry. Makes me wonder how I should change my approach since it happens so often. Not saying I should change who I am to impress people but more so how I go about it.

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    • There is a study that shows when you need jam and walk into a supermarket with 6 different kinds of jam in the shelf, 33% will walk out without buying one. If the supermarket offers a whole shelf dedicated to jam, 80% will walk out without buying one.

      Is it logical to leave without buying jam when you need it? No, but people are overwhelmed with the choices they are offered. It's natural to always want the best of everything. People rather leave than choosing a jam that tastes ok, but not OMG.

      You are just one of those jams, and the more different jams she feels are there on the shelf, the less likely she will choose one.

      So what do you think would be the solution for this riddle?

    • Be more different or act you're the only one with anything to offer? It's been a long day. :p

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