Falling but so scared... What should I do?

I just recently got out of a relationship. One month and one week ago to be exact. We lived together for a year and a half, I thought I was in love, but after not having a connection sexually or in any other way we split and I realized it wasn't love at all, I was miserable. My co-workers brother has recently started talking to me... we're dating I guess you could say. It was this instant connection. I feel very strongly about this guy, trying to keep it to myself, but then he'll spill his heart out saying he can't stop thinking about me even while at work, that he wants to spend every moment with me but is trying his best to take it slow, and he drank too much this weekend and admitted to me that he's falling.

BUT... this guy is in the middle of a divorce. His wife left him for another woman, it was also just a few months ago. She is already living with her girlfriend, and like my last relationship, he admits there has been no connection or sexual intimacy for "two years" he says.

This are progressing very quickly between us emotionally. We do well to see each other in moderation, but the desire is definitely there. I am afraid this guy may not be ready. I don't want to spend time with him and have it blow up in my face. I am definitely taking things at his pace. Any other advice?


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  • Would you want someone that cheated on their wife and left her?

    • No no no, his wife left HIM for another woman. He never cheated on her. She came out and said she's gay!!

    • Oh wow! That's so crazy. I wonder if he even trusts women anymore... Jesus. I'd say if you like him then go for it. Go at his pace and yours. If you're falling to fast and you don't like it just pull back a little bit and let him know why.