Doing something nice for a girl?

Hmm i want to do something nice for this girl since she knew that i like her but i didn't really do anything much except for asking her to a school cafe after school last week and she did agree and we did went...

I know Wednesday lunch break she only have 1 hour and its impossible to eat + travel to her next lesson venus in this hour (i also have the exact same lunch break timing that day) so I'm thinking of going out tomorrow to buy something from 12 cupcakes and pass it to her during her break on wednesday.

Does it sound like a good idea? I highly suspect she is the kind of girl that has never been woo-ed before (or maybe very rarely), don't know will she be receptive to this? Also how would you guys go about to pass her this "surprise" ? Our lessons are at both different ends of school, no way i can "bump" into her, but after the 1 hour break our lessons would be at the same cluster, but also once again no way i can camp at her lecture theatre as that place has like many entrances at all the ends

I don't think we are at the closeness level where we could share a set lunch tgt yet :(
Think might be awkward...


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  • how about instead of cupcakes, you buy a lunch meal for the two of you ahead of time and then during lunch break you both share lunch together so you don't have to waste time going out to lunch? buy like sushi for two or something. it might be hard to try and find her like you said in your description but if you're determined you will find a way, if you're not determined you will find an excuse.