Is love actually real?

Is love actually real? Has anyone fallen in actual love before like the you love that person more than yourself etc. kinda love? How does it feel like? How do you look at the other person, when in love?


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  • No, it's Physically chemical action. We don't love any others more than ourself. If we did , that means we placed others beyond ourself and why would we wanted others to love us since our behalf were not come to first priority, why the others didn't go to fall in love with each other just ignore us which we had spirit of self-sacrificing, because we loved and we want being loved in return. That makes Our feeling is top priority which meaned we treat ourself most importantly and selfishly.
    Do you realise in this life we were actually in love with our feelings? since what we saw, what we heard , what thought, what we remembered, what we speaked, what we touched, what we eated etc, all these things were fascinating fantastic work by nervous system. Love can't even exsit in live as molecule like a material,
    all this love feeling is just the sensory organs told us, yeah , i'm sorry, it's chemistry which origin by physics

    • science sucks. haha

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    • of course he was , but more than an author , a ideologist exists forever.

    • that is absolutely true

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  • Its the same reaction in your brain as eating chocolate. Very overrated.

  • I believe that love is real but it's devastating if the person does not love you back

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