My boyfriend sometimes talks about his ex?

My boyfriend sometimes talks about his ex and every time he does it makes me jealous when he says nice things about her to give an example or something. Even though its done and over with and he will never get back with her it just makes me jealous that he used to feel all that about another woman once upon a time...

I don't know how to make myself feel better and not let it bother me. Is this a normal feeling?


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  • Sounds pretty normal to me. I'd suggest letting him know how you feel about it... don't do it with an angry tone or anything like that where it might come across as confrontational, but just casually mention that hearing about his ex makes you feel a little awkward. Good luck.

    I actually have a somewhat similar question I'm curious to get your opinion about... if you don't mind will you send me a message from my profile page? (no pressure haha)


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  • if once in a while he tells something about her its normal because his ex as part of his life. But if its like you describe, always talking about her and giving examples and stuff then you're have every right to be jealous. he has to stop it. I felt the same thing with my ex and that was the main reason I dumped her. She did the exact same thing and she was very immature. Maybe yours is too.

  • yeah actually it's a normal feeling and everyone have that
    just ignore him when he starts talking about his ex
    it will actually help u


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