So into a guy that I can't focus on anything, and balancing him with school work is becoming futile. HELP!!?

So at the beginning of a relationship there is that need to always hang out because you are learning about each other and you both have so much fun together. But it's everyday you are hanging out and ignoring important things because all you want to do is go out and do stuff with your new fling.

How do you keep from letting this need to hang out over power you? I'm so into him I can hardly focus on my homework without thinking about him or his smile or whatnot. But I need to start seriously focusing on my school work... How do you balance it?

( we could do hw together, but he doesn't have half as much homework as I have. I mean, it's so bad sometimes I get a wif of his smell, and I'm transported into thinking about him for 5 minutes before I snap out of it. I need some help!)


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  • You've probably got to satisfy your needs from him first. Think.. what is it you want from him? His company? His attention? Get that!

    Also you could psyche yourself into doing homework by saying you'll get to think about him freely after you do your homework.

    • Thanks for ur answer! But the point i'm getting at is If I go to get his company and attention then I end up blowing off important school work. Which is not good.. haha. The tip you gave about rewarding myself after homework was nice but I've done that in the past (finish hw and I get an icecream) I usually just say screw it.. not much self control over here. haha.

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