Cheating? Shy? Or hates PDA or am I ugly? * urgent I need advice *?

So I've been dating this guy or a month or two now and he is super unaffectionate , he will be affectionate at home if it's us alone but he won't tell any of his friends he is dating me he won't even let me meet them in public he won't kiss me hold my hand out his arm around me anything! I started to think he was embarrassed of me ! I'm a model so I'm not terribly ugly and I'm not like an embarraement the other Night his 2 bestfriends came by to pick something up and he made me stay in the room and went outside with them for an hour but would not let me come out and meet them I dot know I I'm over thinking it or it's to early for him to hold my hand in public we don't even go in dates in public ! I don't know what to do any advice would be amazing ! Maybe I'm over thinking this but it's hurting my feelings a lot and I don't even know what to do ! any advice is helpful !

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  • I hope it's just C... he may first want to take his time to be absolutely certain before he presents you to his friends and family.
    Let's hope the reason is not that his friends know things that he doesn't want you to know. But don't panic.
    And perhaps consider just asking him carefully. If you ask it with a kind smile he may tell you :-)


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  • If something is bothering you this much I'd say talk to him about it. You may be over thinking but you have to learn to communicate to get what you want out of a relationship.

  • He just sounds shy like me. Shy and hates PDA are almost the same thing! could you please answer mine?

  • First of all, nice sideboob :-)

    Second... I'd say PDA, doesn't look like he hates you or anything like that. Maybe ask him?

  • He's defff. Hiding something don't be blind. He might have another gf he therefore he doesn't wanna be seen with you. I know from experience although it was wrong of me.


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