Guys would you do this?

Guy's I have a question. If you've been really close friends with a girl for about 4 years and neither one of you are attracted to each other... Would you stop talking to her because your new girlfriend told you to?

My best friend just got a new girlfriend and she said she doesn't like how close we are and asked him to delete me out of his phone and off facebook, would you do it? would you try to make her understand WE ARE JUST FRIENDS? would you break up with her?

... feel free to write an opinion on what you would do in this situation. :)

  • I would end my friendship with the girl like I was asked
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  • I would try to make my girlfriend understand
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  • Bro's before hoe's (break up)
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  • Try to make both my friend and girlfriend become friends
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By the way yes girls can answer too. I would love to know what Girls would do if the roles where switched.
Just to let everyone know my friend picked Vote D but if that doesn't work he's canning her... I asked because I made me wonder, what everyone else would do.


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  • E. That would be the end of the new girlfriend. No way I would tolerate somebody just wandering in to my life off the street, so to speak, and trying to dictate who I can and cannot be friends with. Delete a friend of 4 years off of Facebook and my phone because of some immature self-esteem problems? Nope, don't need that kind of crap in my life at all. That is way too much insecurity, and shows a complete lack of trust in my and in my ability to have friends that are important to me.

    Deal-breaker, 100%.

    • you're awesome :) and ya my friend told her but he told her "either you play nice and try to become her friend to or there's the fucking door"

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    • Also, what if the original friend doesn't want to become friends with this new girl? Nope, I'm sticking to E, lol.

    • Ya that's kinda how I am. I don't know if I want to meet her let alone have anything to do with her. But of course I'm going to suck it up and try it out

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  • This woman fills a spot in his heart that you left void. As an adult, I would never let anyone control who is in my life. On the other hand if she is filling that void, there is no reason to risk losing her for you.

    • Well actually he told her "either you play nice and try to become her friend to or there's the fucking door"... apparently if tomorrow doesn't go well and his girlfriend still decided she doesn't want me in his life, he's breaking up with her...

      I understand that's what you would do but he's not actually going to throw me away :P

    • Sounds nice... "Sounds... Nice"- I really want to know if this is going to work out. I did something similar with my current gf and one of my best friends. Yes they get along now, I call her whenever I feel like, but haven't spoken with her in months. You want to know why? Because my gf gives me a type of love my best friend is incapable of expressing.
      In this case, only time will tell.

  • I withdraw my vote on B. I choose D, I think.


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  • This kind of happened to me... My friend got a girlfriend and she was always super jealous when him and I were around, we were in the same class, after school functions, etc. She then told him to stay away from girls, especially me and of course her comment really hurt him because he thought he was trusted, so he kept his distance a little and my friends and I did too but we were just too good of friends and, after time she eventually understood that we are only good friends and she had nothing to worry about :)