My boyfriend of one month said he loves me could this be true?

So i've known him a couple years but we have only been together for one month and he told me that he loved me. We talk everyday for hours. He stopped drinking for about 2 months now just because i dont like it that is even before we got together. He tells me i make him a better man could he honestly be in love with me. He also said that i give him the best sex he ever had so I'm just wondering if he could be lying because of the sex...


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  • Either he's dedicated to you, or he's dedicated to sex. I think he's in for you, 2 months of nondrinking and still talking everyday for hours is a good sign.


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  • maybe he loved you when he first saw you. but he choose to save it to know you better...
    if he declares that yo made him a better man and so on so yeah he might be in love with yo deeply :)
    plus, he stopped drinking (thats a big decision). so be happy with him :D guys won't bother lying about these things. so, if he is just using you for his own comfort he won't tell you these things and change himself for you