Am I just entertainment?

I had been talking to his guy I met online for the entire summer. we were counting down the days to finally meeting. Then the first week of college hits and he completely ignores me, as in, deletes me off of all social media and doesn't respond. The next week he messages me and tells me he was just freaked out about getting close to someone. Of course, I forgive him. We finally met and it seemed like it was going good, we were laughing and play wrestling. He keeps taking longer and longer to respond to me though... so am I just another girl or is there something?

So I found a picture of him with another girl from a few days ago. I'm over it and done. Thanks for the opinions though


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  • It unfortunately sounds like you are a 'fall back plan' for this guy. The fact that he actually went to the effort of deleting you off of social media is a terrible sign. Being 'freaked out about getting close to someone' is just a line, it's a way of trying to appease a girl by appealing to non-logical emotions.

    I think it is very clear that there is not 'something' between you two, at least not from his perspective. Shitty, I suppose, but I feel pretty confident in that assessment given the limited about of info on it.

    • So I should ignore him from now on you think?

    • I think that would be a wise decision if you don't want to be emotionally hurt by this guy in the future, yes.

    • Okay thanks.!

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  • Sounds like he's just using you for entertainment


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  • Just ignore him he seems he like to play...

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