How do I tell him I still want to be friends with him?

I met this guy on a cruise that I took this past summer, and on the last day, I told him we should talk after the cruise, and he said yes and he sounded really happy about texting me. We've been texting each other a few times a week since then. He started doing this game that we call the question game and one night about 2 weeks ago, it was the weekend. I think it was a Friday or Saturday night, and I was texting him. I asked him if we could do the question game, and if we could do more personal questions, and he said sure. The questions that we did before then weren't all the personal. It was more the basic questions like when your birthday was or what your favorite color was and stuff. After a while of asking him questions and everything, it was really late, and he seemed to not be interested in the conversation anymore so i told him i was gonna go to bed and he responded "Okay!" which i think is a sign from him thats saying "I'm done talking to you. Go away!" Whenever we text again, he always tells me that he's been busy with schoolwork and everything, but I feel like he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. What should I do? What did I do wrong? Should I be the one to apologize to him? How do I non-challantly tell him what's bothering me without sounding self-centered?

And plus I have a feeling that he's mad at me because I texted him during school. Last night I asked him if he listened to this song from this one group, and I gave him the wrong band. He responded. Someone please answer too. I don't know what to do


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  • Well yeah, you probably asked him questions he didn't care to answer. If you like this guy, you should ask him what he likes in bed. Or how much pressure he enjoys when you're sitting on his face. Those questions will keep him around.

    • errrmmm, he and I are sophomores in high schoolll...

    • And he is an 8 hour drive away from me. we both live in different states.

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