Ex boyfriend asked for my number. Why?

I've had a complicated relationship with my ex boyfriend, who I haven't seen in three years. At the time, he broke up with me because he said he didn't feel the same about me. I accepted it and moved on. When I started dating someone else, he freaked out and became extremely jealous (to the point where he called me a lot of names and even stalked me to a cafe, where I was at with friends).

I ended up deleting him from facebook. Six months later or so, he added me on fb again. He would write to me once in a while to ask how I was doing.

A few days ago, I got a message from him asking me how I was doing. Today he then wrote to me and asked if I would give him my number or whether it would be a problem.

Why is he asking for my number?


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  • Don't give it to him. Keep him blocked. The fact that he became jealous when you dated someone else shows he has that 'collector' mentality and wants you to want him and only him, even if he isn't with you. He will most likely always try to put little feelers out to see if there is a way he can get an easy lay.

    A lot of girls have a hard time letting go of feelings they had for a guy in the past, and so a lot of guys have learnt that they can drop these little 'hey what's up, been thinking about you' messages and occasionally hit pay dirt. The mentality basically assumes that at some point, the girl will be depressed, will have just broke up with a relationship, will have had a bad day, will be lonely, will be feeling upset, will have just had a fight with a best friend... something, anything, that makes her emotionally vulnerable. Then, you hope that your message makes her thing of 'the good times' that she had with you. And how that seems better than whatever shitty time is happening now. With the established emotional connection from the previous relationship... his supportive shoulder quickly becomes his swollen member... so to speak.

    When you move on, you should clearly move on, unless you maintained a legit platonic friendship right from the ending of the relationship. Which you haven't.


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  • Uhh I Dont know But I wouldn't Give Him It, Leave the Past In The Past.