So what exactly happens now?

Well in another question and in a lot of my "opinions" I explain how I really love this girl and I was gonna ask her out literally tomorrow.

... aaaand she has a date to homecoming just at the end of today.
But, does that mean all my hope is lost? I mean, last homecoming, her date ditched her at the dance. So I mean, should I still ask her out on a date, just not to homecoming? I honestly didn't want to go to homecoming anyway.

I don't know who her date is either. Since she's two years under me, I probably either don't know him at all, or I do know who it is and I'm gonna be annoyed.

Anyway, thoughts?

bumping allowed? Does this even work like bumping?


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  • You should still ask her. there's tons of hope left. Just because she has a homecoming date doesn't mean she's totally in love with that persons she's going with.

    • So I should ask her out later? I mean, I'm going to of course but who knows if she'll realize that it's more than a friendly date.

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    • Np. Well she pretty much asked me out to lunch today, but my fucking car is working but I promised her to go next week.

    • Congrats! :))

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