He has put me off by what he said , what should I do?

Sometimes I am silly and break things off with him but we always sort things out and start again. I did break it off for good last night but felt bad and messaged him why. After chatting he said I knew you would message me back I'm use to you and know what you are like now. I'm feeling pathetic now and it makes me want to just disapear and never speak to him again now he's said this :( should I?


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  • I think if it really bothers you or bugs you by what he said then you should give him space and leave him be. What is the main reason why you wanted to break up with him. It had to be very big if you didn't want to talk to him.

  • Sounds like you should break up for good. Also soundsl like he thinks he has control over you as he knows you will come running back. Why break up in the first place?


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