My first love, that I havnt seen in 5 years wants to go out and have dinner. I shouldn't bring up the past? or should I? hah What do I talk about?

My first love, that I havnt seen in six years has been texting me wanting to hangout. I've been in love with her ever since. I first met her. But i fucked up and havnt talked to her in around 5 years. It would seem so awkward with the "one who got away"? what to do? What to say? Apologize for the past, or just don't bring it up?


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  • What did you do? What was the fuck up?

    Please don't say I just messed I really bad. I can't comment until im at a computer so I won't be able to reiterate that I'm asking wHAT you did... Not if it was bad.

    So just answer first time around ok :)

    Thanks. Then I can answer your question.

    • Well we were together for three years and we were both virgins atthe time, well she wasn't ready to lose her virginity so I told her we needed to take a break, that next week I went to a party and lost my virginity to some random girl at the part, and someone told her in class and she started crying and got embarrassed and hasn't really talked to me since until now, around five years later.

    • Well that's fucked up. I wonder why she would give you a second chance. hmm

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  • Wow. What a great opportunity you have. Not many people get a second chance like that. Do you still have the same feelings for her and why did you let her go in the first place?

  • Don't bring it up.


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