Guy leaves at the end of the night, repeatedly says I'll call you, you call me, I'll call you, you call me... what?

we'd had a great time, but it was weird at the end when he kept going on like that and then peeked back into my car to say it one more time. was he just feeling awkward and didn't know what to say? I know he likes me and wants to see me, but I found it weird

does this mean he's unsure of things?
is this a good or bad thing?


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  • It's a good thing he wants to see you again. He was prolly trying to get some reassurance from you. He could be a little nervous. I wouldn't worry about it. Just call him. If you want to

    • it was just frustrating because he already knows I like to make plans in advance. his schedule is much more complicated than mine (musician), but he still knows I like to plan things. we just started seeing each other again after breaking up almost a year ago.

    • he was the one pushing to get back in touch though, and we've been having a really good time so far

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