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Ok, so earlier this year I was getting fairly close to a female friend and became 'interested' so to speak. Due to the fact that summer break from college was fast approaching I thought it would be best to wait until college restarted before I tried anything. Bad fortune means the girl in question will be taking a year out to recover from an accident. Meanwhile college has started back and I'm starting to like another girl a bit, who resides in same house as girl in question and I think she likes me. But i know in my heart of hearts i still prefer the girl on the year out. Hence this question, do I wait? Would it be wrong to try to start a relationship with someone, when you know there is someone else you are fonder of? Even if the other person is not available for a while for whatever reason.

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  • I think it all depends on you, the other (second) girl, and the type of relationship you both want. Obviously, if you truly want to wait for the first girl, it would be unwise and unfair to the second to start a "serious" relationship with her. However, if you just want to date her to fill your time and have some fun for the time being, go ahead, just make it known that you aren't looking for anything super serious. Do remember, though, that if you do date her, it may get around to the first girl, and she may figure that you like girl #2 better. You probably need to give this a lot of thought!!! Good luck!


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  • if you liked the first girl enough you wouldn't have found a second option :) take your time but stick with the choices you make! :)

  • First off, this is a very complicated question. but who do you like more. simple


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