Guys, how would you feel if the girl you liked for a while walked up to you and said hi?

there's this guys I have known for ten years, I've liked him on and off and he looks at me quite a lot with this huge smile on his face. I think he likes me so I am considering walking up to him to say hi... should I?

he's the popular type of guy who's pretty cocky, confident and charming. I'm just a regular girl. I know lots of people but I don't hang out with his group of friends. So I dont see it working in the future but should I still walk up to him & say hi?


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  • Wish society would ease up on us guys, and allow the girl to have sometime in the light.

    By this, I mean that if the/a girl a liked walked up to me and said "Hi", first i'd look around, see if no one was in the immediate area as I was to make sure it was directed at me, pitch myself to be sure that this isn't a cruel dream, and then stand there speechless as she goes about her business.

    Might take a trip to the hospital to take care of my hyperventilation.

    Needless/Aimless Story-short, UM, you are a regular girl and he is a regular. I'd still consider you young, so don't worry about the future. Say "Hi" then ride that pony of self-accomplishment into the sunset.


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  • If a girl does that to me. I definitely will take her out to an ice cream shop!

  • Ask him out and see where it goes. If you are good friends exploring different angles will not effect it. Good luck.

  • i would like it very much hun :).. i would say hi back, maybe some shyness but i will do my best to keep a convo going on..


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