New guy I'm talking to still in contact with ex-gf. Should I be worried?

This new guy I have been talking to has been snapchatting his ex-gf. She was in his list of recent snaps. I know they broke up 2 years ago so I'm a little concerned as to why they are talking. It bothers me and I want to ask him about it but I don't know how to do that without appearing controlling or jealous. I just genuinely want to know why he talks to her still. And should I be worried? I just dont want to continue talking to him if there's any chance he may still have feelings for her


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  • The male mind can come up with so many excuses/reasons, we may not be able to fathom.

    I'd say the only way to go about it is by being direct. Would you rather know he still has feeling for "said" ex-gf now while you are just talking, or in a potential relationship?

    There are two ways this can end:

    1. He sees you as a potential partner and sets things straight with you and his ex-gf.
    2. He becomes "offended" over the lack of trust, and well, game over.

    Don't even sweat number two because, from personal experience with different situations, when I know that i'm "caught", I try to reflect or pass blame to the opposing person to get off easier. Not proud of it, but it is what it is. He could still have feeling for her and is so helpless in the confrontation that he goes to my habits.

  • Yea, you should be worried. He really needs to be in contact with his ex if they have a child together. If not, there shouldn't be a reason they still talk to each other. As long as he still talks to her and you're dating him, there's gonna come a time when you're gonna be thinking to yourself "am I #1 in his mind or will I always be second place to her?


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