Do guys appreciate when a girl tells him that she doesn't talk to other guys because of him?

So, i've been with my boyfriend for about a month now and he's my very first serious relationship. I'm 100% committed to him and literally cut off ALL ties with any other guys who could be a problem- he doesn't know this. I don't even like other guys pictures on instagram anymore or snap other guys. Would my boyfriend appreciate this if I told him or would he freak out?
Ps: he's kinda distant. We're about an hour away and he doesn't text me much :/ I told him it concerns me and if he wants to break up, but he said no and that he's busy with school and wished I live closer? Help


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  • Boyfriends will always appreciate it when their girlfriend drops her ties with other guys for him. We need more girls like you.

    • Should I tell him? I feel that he'll take advantage of this

    • You don't need to tell him if you feel he might take you for granted afterwards. Trust your instincts :)

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  • I don't think its a good thing my boyfriend discussed this and we both did not like the idea cutting ties with your friends of the opposite sex it only makes your world smaller and lonelier if you were to break up (not implying you will) you would have lost half your friends during the relationship and that's terribly lonely In my oppinion human relationships are something you should cherish