Does his reaction show he's not interested in me?

I've known him almost two months, we've met up twice a week and talk every day, he'll call me, we do stuff together. But when I told him about a problem my friend was having with her new bf and he asked where they met and I said Tinder (where WE met) he said "ha, that's not gonna work... just playing" :/ WTF
I know it's unconventional but I thought we had a connection. Maybe this is all a bit of fun with him? Or am I reading too much into it?

it's like man, please, I know SOME people can hang out at restaurants, arcades, bars, mini golf, all those places and have fun, witty banter that can go on for ages cause they’ve met their match, talk about their daily lives, pasts, feelings, goals, dreams AND have great sex without developing feelings but I'm going to eventually fall for you!!

And then he goes and says that...


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  • I think he could have been joking about it plus its true. A lot of guy are weird on that site.


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