This girl looks upset after a class period where I didn't bother hanging out with her? (we have 2 periods together in a row)

So there's the girl that I'm getting to know and I'm taking it real slow, but the thing is she seems upset when I hang out with my friends instead of her and her friend (don't know her) during PE. I think my actions made her think I'm not interested, but in reality I just don't have the guts to talk with her friends since girls' friends have a huge impact on their opinions on us. I have the guts to talk to her 1 on 1, but I just have trouble when she's with her friends because it'll make it awkward for me. I'm also a introvert type of person if that helps.


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  • Haha, she definitely wants you around! Don't worry about her friend. In the end only "the girl you're getting to know" matters.


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  • You have to show a little even if its front of her friends because eventually you will have to hang with her and them and its best to just go with it take the brunt of the paiN now!