How to make it clear to a Homeschooled girl you like her?

How to make it clear to this homeschooled girl that I like her without scaring her off, or even understanding if she is ready for a relation


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  • Being homeschooled doesn't really change anything. If she likes you back, then she likes you back. Make it clear to her that you like her more than a friend by honestly, just telling her straight up. Show her your manly and affectionate side. You should know her well enough to decipher whether not she's ready for a relationship with you. Build a strong friendship first, but make sure there is boundary that you don't cross or that she doesn't mistake you for: the friendzone. Just man up, and ask her.

    • yea you are right, I noticed that she tells her parents everything thats the only problem, we have a pretty good friendship, she text me daily and we tease eachother, but also a friend can develop to romantic relationship over time right? what do you think?

    • That's a good sign! If she's open to her parents about you, then she really must like you. Maintain your good friendship, and when you're ready, confess your feelings. Of course friendships can lead to romance, in fact, they say that relationships lasts longer if you've built a strong friendship beforehand.

    • yea honestly I am scared to ask her and confess, idn if she is open about me, but she does tell her parents a lot about everything, i noticed that

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