I'm clearly a relationship retard?

How do I let a guy whom I just met, who seems to want this to go a little faster than I'd like, that I want to take it slow. In a normal situation, I'd just tell him that, but we've been on 3 dates in the past probably 3 months. The last 2 were in the past 2 weeks. Yes we've gotten physical, but before that he seemed distant now he seems full force. He says he misses me already and maybe I'm over reacting, bc yeah I'd love to see him more often and I love laying next to him. But I'm one to keep all the mushy stuff down til later. He's even mentioned taking me on a trip during the winter.. but we haven't established what we're doing, clearly he want something because he asked me if I was going to keep him around for a little while, but I like to just let things flow and go how they should, no pressure. But how do bring this up? Maybe it's me bc I'm scared of losing freedom and he's like all for it.


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  • You just go (his name here) I want to set some boundaries I want to take this slow because I value what we have with each other and I don't want to go to fast where we might mess it up. Can we please slow our relationship down?

    • But we're not in a relationship...

    • even if its a friendship it can be considered a relationship

  • You can slow him down by seeming not interested

    • Unless it backfires and makes him SUPER clingy..

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