Should I ask her if she still wants to talk?

me and this girl have been talking for a few weeks, and we even went on a date. it went well as we both had fun and what not and was super flirty. hell she even called me that night and said she had fun. and we had our normal fun chaat on the phone.

since then she been really distant, she hasn't haven't called (which is weird, but she's knows im more of a texter anyway) but she's not texting as much. it feels like im starting all of our convos now. so since this sudden change baffles me, and since i dont wana seem like im annoying her im wondering if its a smart move to ask her if she still wants to talk., before i just stop all contact upruptly.

last time i did this with someone else it turns out she was just really shy and for some reason thought i didn't want her as much as she wanted me so she pulled way back.

just looking for feedback. cause i wana know if i should move to the next girl now. i dont wana feel like im annoying this girl if she wants nothing to do with me anymore


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  • Drop her a text, just normal nothing with too much pressure, if she ignores you then you have your answer right there. But she could lead you along through boredom, because girls do that if they have nothing going on boy wise. If you think she's not interested, chances are she isn't and has changed her mind.

    • I decided to go through with it just to see what happens, glad I did. Turns out she was just trying to keep me around for her own gain, as she asked me for money after being do distant. Imho, friends wouldn't treat friends like this, nevertheless someone who you would Wana date, So I called her out on her bs. So I moved on already.

      Then girls wonder why the good guys or w/e, are going away.

    • At least you caught her out early :)
      Sorry to hear about that though, i can assure you although girls may seem like the enemy right now we are not all that using and superficial!
      Better luck next time!

    • yea i know that not all girls are like this, but still its annoying as fuck that these girls are out here ruining things for other girls just cause they wana boost their own egos. whats funny is when we first started to talk she said " i hate people who lie, and im looking for something real, no games" righttt...

  • She flirts with you because she likes you. Try to talk to her not through text. sometimes people misinterpret what you mean through text. talk to her in person or over the phone. I think she feels frustrated because you're not taking her hint. What if she's just waiting for you? If she doesn't like to talk to you anymore then it's fine you can move on. Because if you just move on without talking to her you will always think "what if?".

    • She said her feeling for me and I returned them. So we both know how the other felt, but as I just posted seems like it was for nothing as I dodged a bullet.

    • Go and talk to her she have the best answer to your questions.

    • i got what i wanted already she's trying to use me

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