How to ask out a girl in a university class?

So I met this girl today and she's really cute, we only talked a bit before class started and a bit more after when we walked the same direction. So over the course of sometime I'll try to get to know her a bit better but how can I do this? Class is three times a week and I can't talk as much between getting to that class and that class starting. What sort of timeline should I try (although that sounds quite technical it's because I don't want to take too long and maybe have her friendzone me.)

Advice please?


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  • You can either be straight forward and ask her on a date OR take the smooth approach. What I suggest is asking her for help on a lecture, homework, etc. If she accepts, you're smooth sailing from there, hopefully. Once she's helping you, steer the conversation into a personal topic, smoothly of course. For example, if you're taking History and you guys are talking about Washington D. C., be like, yeah I've been there before! And slowly build it up and boom, you got yourself a friend, but work it up to a date and go from there. Good luck mate, I had the same situation before.