Did I have bad taste in guys?

Seriously, I feel like I was so insecure in my younger years that I just happily went along with guys that showed interest in me. I'm no longer that way and finally feel confidence in myself and can't help, but feel I was dating under.

In the pictures with two guys, the taller one is the one that I was with.



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  • Both triangle and hatguy seem average.

    • Hmm I have fond memories of him. I think he is one of the better guys as well.

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    • I pretty much dated any guy that showed interest in me.

    • See, that's what I should have done. So many perfect girls left behind. Sigh.

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  • Sorry if I am being rude, but I don't people can judge properly without seeing your pic.

    • I'm asking if you think these guys are less than average. Obviously, nothing about me.

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  • the pic is no longer showing up, but if u have to ask u probably did lol

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