Relationship with neighbour?

Have you ever had a relationship with you're neighbour? Did it end well?


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  • I had one it was fun but ultimately it didn't lead to anything further but I feel I really grew from the situation. But keep in mind any type of a relationship has a chance to make it even its with a neighbor


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  • My mum did, and in the very shortest of terms it didn't. As grandma always said: "Don't shit on your doorstep."

  • I want to ask you what is the relationship, common neighbor relationship or relationships?

    • as in dating :)

    • If you are single, this is a romantic thing. If you have any family all this is a very passionate, but might regret later. I've had that experience, and the close neighbor girl, has developed to the point where dating to sleep later. Was very passionate excited also very be afraid, but now regret it, because it let me lose a lot.

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