Is there a good way to ask a guy what he wants (relationship, hook up etc)?

Is there ever a good time or good way?

I'm having a 'movie night' with a guy I've met a few times through friends. Usually a movie night means just a hook up (in my world at least), especially since he just got out of a long relationship a few months ago. Is there a good way to figure it all out or ask, before I get myself in over my head?


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  • Just use the same technique that a guy can use before he approaches a girl to know whether she'll really be interested in him or not.

    • Bro what's that technique plzz elaborate, like asking for a drink.

    • First, I was just being a d*ck. Second, I was trying to highlight that there's no way to "know," until you "know."

  • Just go straight to him and ask him out thats it


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