What does take things slow from a guy mean?

I've been dating a guy I met on OkC for 1.5 month. We've already had sex. Than he tells me he wants to take things slow.
We continue going out, but not as much anymore. I asked him, "what do you want from me?" He keeps saying, " take things slow, get to know you more."
But he doesn't contact me as much as before, or ask me out anymore.
His profile is also still active.


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  • I can sense he means he wants to know you more deeper before he will go into "real commitment or relationship" and he wants to find himself out if he really has "real" feelings for you... He took it seriously but unsure, maybe he was overwhelmed... Give him space and time for himself..


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  • I think it's doesn't matter!

    • What doesn't matter? The sex, active profile?

    • Oh I'm sorry I express mistake, I didn't learn English well, I want to say is, your boyfriend probably don't care about you , he feels it doesn't matter of you. He said slowly to understand you, I feel this is fool you.

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