Am I wasting my time guys?

Ok so met guy online. Had great messaging conversations for three days straight set up a meeting. Met had great night together, spent the night great sex three times between 10pm-6am. Then have pretty much kept up that same routine for the past two and a half months. He's taken me out on the town, to movies, dinner, come over to my house for dinner, hiking, biking, literally northern light viewing. We watch a tv show together every Sunday. We talk all day via text. He cooks for me. Encouraged me to do art and read. But he has three kids. And I have never met them and have to leave at 5am to be out before they wake up. I feel worried that he doesn't want them to know about me. Therefore we would not be in what I feel like is a real relationship. So am I wasting my time? Or should I be more patient?

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  • Well if you haven't brough t it up to him, you should. He may be scared that you aren't going to want to deal with kids. Its all going to be a big misunderstanding if you don't talk about something of this magnitude. He sounds like a really great guy otherwise.

    • Thank you, I think you're right he's very wonderful. I just don't want to seem like I'm rushing him I just want to know if it's a possibility.

    • Well, with that logic lol, there's a possibility for everything. Which is true. Trust is a shot in the dark for everyone, but landing in Love makes it all worth it. =P go get em tiger.

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  • you should definitely be patient. introducing kids to a person you're in a relationship with is a pretty big step and it should be handled with care and caution. he probably only wants to do it if he knows you're absolutely going to be in his life for the foreseeable future. otherwise that could possibly mean bringing in multiple women a year into his children's life with leads to a lack of stability in a child's life.


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  • If you're worried about it, and you've been seeing each other for the past two and a half months, I think you're well in your right to ask him about it.