I like her a lot , but she?

I like this girl a lot whom i met 2-3 montths back.
Initially, we hang out and started making out in every corner we could.. but then i started feeling something more for her

She keep on telling me she does not feel the same kind of likeness for me , but she wants to talk to me every day.
The other day when discussion got a bit more emotional , she even cried and later on said that she felt sad..

She tells me that she is more faithful to her friends and stuff like that.

What should i do?


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  • Im gonna give you an advise, i went through this type of shit quit recently, back off! asap, for your own good. give her some time and space, make her miss you, dont chase her. you dont deserve it, that people toy with your head. you have been sincere about the way you feel, she isnt. Trust me, it will destroy you, im showing signs of despression and extreme anger right now, because of the way this girl treated me. we were intimate, kissing , spending evenings etc... texting a lot, sending pics to each other, out of the blue she texted me that we can't be together, , that was it, never a reason, just a bunch of excuses. In my case, i think this girl has borderline, im almost sure. but it really made me a different person, i used to be fun, and care free, now i can't let it go. every time i try to talk to her, she seems willing to talk, but then backs off. god she even told people she is scared of me, for no reason. I tried to find out what is going on here for my own sake, so i followed her around a bit, just twice, i know its wrong, but i just wanted an aswer. now she is like she is the victim, she played with my feelings. bro, back off, let her come to you!!! really trust me, or you end up in the situation im in. back off for your own sake, some girls can destroy you, without you even seeing it. some girls have problems, and before you can even think about having a relationship with them, you gotta fix the problems, but that only works if she wants to. pls bro, let her miss you, i dont want the same for you!

    • trust me, back off, i wished i had listened to others, this girl sounds confused, confused people dont make good partners, only if they are willing to fix themselves. for your own sake stay away,! im telling you this because you are going down because of her. do you want to be the captain of a sinking ship? try to be there for her, but let her come look for you.!!

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    • 5 minutes, wait longer, half a day, maybe even a day as an extreme. just tell her you are very busy, dont ignore her, just write less. you should make her wonder what the hell you are doing. thats how you get into a girls mind. she must be thinking, gosh why isn't he writing me back , you know you are going to write her back, but she doesnt. its hard i know it, turn of your phone, dont check facebook. do stuff, the more you talk, the less you have to talk about in real person. dont you rather see her like that, huhm take it slow with this girl and dont fixate on her, she maybe likes the attention you give her, and you will miss out on your dream girl because she is leading you on. reclaim your title as a men, act like you are ok without her, and she doesn't mean a damn to you, if she behaves like that.

    • That sounds like a good plan..
      Even if i do half of it , i think i will be able to do it

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  • You are a pretty unusual to the Exception to my rule that is Many times over it's the Guys Who-------Does not feel the same kind of likeness. Looks like in your case, the shoe is on the other foot, although she 'Likes' you if even for a friend, feels comfy with you hanging around, she is Not giving you the boot, nor putting you on her pay no mind list. Good sign.
    However, now that she feels 'sad,' for it seems you have had this Big convo with her that brought on some 'Emotional' issues, it is Time to loosen your reins, back off a bit, and give her some space, where she doesn't start to disappear like a cold footed duck, or even refuse and make Lame Duck excuses for Not wanting to----Hang out. You need to stop pressuring her, she already knows how you feel about her and what you Would like, but it is Obvious at this Point in time,'She is more faithful to her friends and stuff like that.'
    It seems she doesn't want to be hooked at the hip right now, so go slow with her flow, don't rush anything, and feel it out if there May be a change of heart in the future.
    If you see that things are not what you want, then it may be time to High tail it back Out there and begin your beguine again with another who wants what you want-------A boyfriend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the advice.. !! I will try to back off but i like her , and its not like i am finding people to be their boy friend :)

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    • I know what you meant... but i meant that i amm not finding a gf , its just her or no one :)

    • Okay, I see... Hang in there and then hope for the best... Be her friend for now... xx

  • Comfort her. This is your girls filter talking, she is sad and doesn't have anyone to turn too.
    (she can't turn to her friends obviously cuz they are the problem)
    Normally she will talk to her friends about stuff like this and that is why you are confused. Give her a hug, she really needs it.
    Give her some advice. "Talk to your friends, it might make you feel better." These words will make her day and she will be happy to have someone as awesome as you around, to help her through this!
    Also, don't try and push things, cuz when a guy tries to move a relationship to quickly he could scare the girl away.
    If you want to have a long lasting relationship, be as helpful as you can with the whole friend problem, she will move on eventually.
    Hope I helped! Good luck!

    • What?
      Is this reply for me?
      She cried because i expressed and she can't do much..
      and rest is the problem with me and not with her..

    • lol. I read that wrong, she is feeling some mixed emotions, give her time, if she is following you around, tell her you are doing something, I am not saying to lie exactly, but get yourself busy with other things. She obviously isn't stable, and needs to get back on her feet. Srry and I hope THIS helps.

    • Thanks, I will try that

  • Why can't people get to the point these days? Are people suffering from social disability or what?

    Give her an ultimatum and ask where she stands with you?

    • She told she dont want to lose me , and stuff like that...
      I told her i would like to have her as girl friend..

      And giving ultimatum to someone whom you like is scary..

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    • Maybe it's best you cut off the friendship because she is arousing you but she's not wanting to go any further with you.

    • I know its right but difficult to do..

  • She doesn't like you like that but she sees you as a really good friend that she needs


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  • If she doesn't feel the same way, then you have to back off. I'd advise finding someone else if you're interested in a romantic partner.

    • I think when you like someone for having a romantic partner , you can't just go back and find someone else.. It has some feelings attached

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    • Then enjoy your celibacy. I don't give a fuck what you do with your life.

    • Of course, you dont :)
      thank you for your response , but really did not get what i tried to explain to you :)

  • Sounds like you already got your answer bro.
    She doesn't like you, tough shit move on.