Does he like me? I need some advice please!?

A friend of mine (I've known him for a year) and I have a confusing friendship. I catch him staring at me sometimes. When I catch his eye we literally maintain eye contact for a slightly insane out of time. He flirts with me and then invites me out with his friends. He still dates other girls and at no point has the idea of me and him as a couple has never been mentioned. We get along amazingly well. We both seem to get each other and have this connection of sorts.
I don't know if he's just shy or scared or something. He's been hurt in the past by a previous relationship and I'm worried that's what's holding him back. All of our mutual friends think we should be together. And since most of our friends are couples we seem to look like a couple from the outside.

I don't understand where I stand with him.

problem is that he still flirts with me, but will bring his date along to when we're hanging out with his friends. If he knew how I felt I don't think he would do that. He never talks about girls to me. It's painful to be around him. feel 2nd best


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  • You have one hard question to answer because I couldn't even give you a direct answer. There could be a number of reasons as you even said shy or scared or who knows but he's been your friend for over a year and if he's flirting with you flirt back? Maybe push it a little further when he flirts and make it more interesting if you're interested than let him know. Maybe he's just doing small moves to wait to see if you will try to move it along so he can realize you're interested.

    I personally think more than anything if you're interested why not just ask him to hang out alone? Show him you're interested and if he's interested he will want to be alone with you as well. If he does and makes some moves help it! Than you will likely get your answer.

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      We used to hang out alone, but our mutual friend really teased him about it and we stopped. Lately he's started to invite me out with his friends every week. I don't know if he sees me as one of the guys (his friends like me- a couple have said so) or has a genuine interest in me.
      He blows hot and cold and I don't know where I stand with him.
      I feel like I should just say something to him about how I feel, but I'm scared he will literally run away from me.

    • Well yeah friends will tease around it happens. I wouldn't confront him just yet because you're not one hundred percent sure and you don't want to mess up your friendship over it but of course you're interested so you need to find out a answer. I would suggest as I said try to get alone again with him and this time be flirty, maybe watch a movie and lean against him see if he puts his arm over you if he does he's interested and that would be a okay time to confront him if you would like and have a less worry of ruining the friendship. Now best thing you can do is yeah do some small moves and see if he responds back, invite him alone and do things together maybe even go out for the night and have him stay over if you want.. It's not hard just ask him if he wants to come over to your place and watch a movie after a night out and yeah lean against him or lay on him and see what the response is.

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      I think that's good advice, but perhaps a little too forward for me. I'm not super comfortable putting myself so forward.
      I've been avoiding him lately. Being around him is getting too painful. A new girl usually turns up, and next to them I always feel self conscious and not good enough. He has a high paying job and tends to mix with people in the same sphere. I teach kindergarten and although his friends like me, I do always feel out of place. I feel like I'm not good enough, pretty enough etc, to be a viable dating option for him. I'm not as well off, thin, pretty as the string if girls he's going though at the moment. A rejection would be more heartbreaking considering this is how I feel.
      I feel out of my comfort zone here.

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