Ever found something from your ex and started slipping into the memories?

Just happened with me. I just found the first flower given by her in a book. I am upset and missing her like hell. :-(:'(


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  • Highly unlikely, i remove everything that was given and brought for me by ex's.. And i donate it all to charity or give it to the homeless.. (most clothes), but i see what you mean.. I just go into a spring clean mode and i just chuck on motivated music to keep me going.. All good in the end

    • I throwed it away. I am fine now. Problem is that we never hated each other so I keep things with me and hopefully she too does that. We are friends but I won't discuss it with her.

    • Best not, but way break up for? If you dont mind me asking?

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  • I burned everything my ex ever gave me. But it's not like that dumbsh*t gave me much anyway. I dont have good memories with my ex. He mistreated me and was inconsiderate

    To forget her, write a list of things you dont like about her and keep that as a reminder. Unless you want to remember her, then kudos.

    • She is still my friend. And we respect each other a lot. Its just timings that didn't allowed us to be together. I took a little more time to let go the feelings. Though we talk very less now almost zero but there is no hatered. We talked out everything openly in front of each other.
      These things reminds me of the time when she used to feel for me.

    • Is she with someone now? Maybe do something cute for her like make her follow a trail of petals to you and you sing a song that expresses your feelings for her. Then tell her how you feel and ask her to give you one more chance to treat you right, because she deserves it. Try that.

    • She likes someone. I don't know the current situation between them. I tried it many times directly indirectly. Asked her that I will talk to her parents. But nope she was all clear and I believe that in a way its ok. She first fell for me and I wasn't really into her much at that time. And now I think I was correct. Me and her are very different.

  • I haven't fount objects, just the happy memories

    • I rarely have any bad memories with her. Happy memories are good but sometimes feels bad.

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