Is giving her space the right thing to do?

I was dating this girl for about 2 months. We were friends at first and I knew it could be a bad idea. I decided to ask her where this was heading because I basically wanted to date exclusively without the bf/gf title. She told me she had been casually dating others for a few weeks. To sum it up she gave me the typical answer where she didn't know what she wanted for herself and didn't even have time for herself since she just started school. I decided to just stop contacting her completely and see what she'll do. She did say she liked me a lot and always has a great time when were together. I just dont know what to do and am not a fan of the whole date around thing that girls like to do.


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  • You want someone exclusive. She didn't. You moved on. Everything went as it should have.

    • Problem is we were friends first which sucks. Basically going to lose both now lol

    • Such is life. They can't all be winners.