Supposed reason for not dating?

This may sound weird - in fact it most likely is - but a friend of mine was talking to me about a guy she met at university. They were friends and she did have a further interest in him so I asked, why not go for it?
One thing she said to me was that his name (let's say, Adam for this) was a little niggle for her. I asked why and she said 'It's because my older sister was married to a guy named Adam'. I was confused and she went to explain that she had known her sister's husband Adam for years, and that since her sister's relationship with him went south, my friend told me she would find it weird to date a guy with the same name as her sister's former husband.

So what do you think? I thought it was a weird reason, but could partially get what she meant.

Is this the same for any of you guys? Do you find it weird to date someone who had/has the same name as a sibling's partner/husband/ex-husband etc.

Or, a person with the same name as a person you dated in your past. OR even someone with the same name as a friend. I've heard that one too.


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  • I'd never date another Meredith based on my past experience with one.


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  • That's all in your/her head the name doesn't mean that they are the same person or even remotely close to each other personality could be passing up on a good thing cause they have the same name as someone else... plus I noticed in the white community you guys use last names a lot cause everyone has the same name... John, Michael, Greg, etc.

    • I wouldn't know about using last names part. Perhaps guys do, I don't know.
      I get what you're saying, but I don't think she meant anything about their personalities being similar, rather that him having the same name bothered her because her sister was with 'Adam' for so long.

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  • oh, it's horrible actually, but I guess, I am hypothetically somehow the same.
    Or someone with a really really weird name is a total turnoff as well...

    • So you would not want to date a person with the same name as a sibling's partner? And some weird names are a little too weird ;)